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HN Couples: Karady & Ryan

We can't keep our eyes off this Fall Colorado wedding. From warm tone florals to a personalized tribute to their dog, Tober, Karady & Ryan's wedding was truly one of a kind. Take a look below to see how the Henri Noël team worked with this couple throughout their wedding process.  - Karady and Ryan met when they were both living in Chicago in their mid-twenties. They connect instantly on their love for winter and outdoor activities. Shortly after they began dating, they moved to Colorado together. Ryan is incredibly active, thoughtful, loyal, and comical. Ryan describes his new wife as beautiful, active, caring, energetic, and ambitious.     The couple wanted to invite their friends and family from around the country to their new home in Colorado. They designed this personalized invitation suite to showcase the weekend's activities.  No stress here! This beautiful bride spend the morning getting ready at the Surf Hotel surrounded by family.  Ryan wanted to get Karady a ring that exemplified beauty and sparkle, while still having the ability to wear the ring everyday with their dynamic lifestyle. He worked with the Henri Noël team to source a customized 2.50ct total weight round diamond, set a bit higher to showcase the brightness on a white gold clean band. The band is timeless, showing off the brilliance of the diamond.   They share a strong love for one another that is contagious to friends and family and they continue to become better versions of themselves because of the positive impact they have on each other.   On her wedding day, Karady wore our diamond drop earrings as the perfect accessory to her Sarah Seven Dress from the Lovely Bride Denver.  The bridesmaids wore our drop hoop earrings and diamond drop station necklace to accessorize their fall gowns.    The guests were greeted by warm florals upon entering the reception at The Surf Hotel. This destination wedding venue is inspired by the elegance of quaint European hotels and the spectacular Rocky Mountains that surround it.  Pictured above is an inviting lounge section where guests could relax under an outdoor tent.  As an ode to their late dog, Tober, this personalized wedding cake might be our favorite detail of the day (besides all of the diamonds, of course). Cheers to Karady and Ryan! We wish you all the happiness in the world.      Wedding Date: September 25, 2020 Venue: Surf Hotel & Chateau - Buena Vista, CO  Photographer: Grace Gotto   Dress: Sarah Seven Bridal