Wedding Guest Wednesday // 2.16.22

Wedding Guest Wednesday // 2.16.22

Welcome to our favorite day of the week: Wedding Guest Wednesday. The new year is bound to be filled with beautiful weddings & celebrations. While upcoming events are exciting, our team understands the stress that accompanies finding a great dress for each occasion (and, of course, matching jewelry).

Every Wednesday we post our favorite finds of the week - from cocktail dresses to black tie gowns. We hope you can find inspiration from our curated picks. 

AJE Relic Beaded Midi Dress

Relic Beaded Midi Dress AJE

Sister Jane Grandma Jane Midi Dress

Sister Jane Grandma Jane Midi Dress

Kay Unger Evening Lucienne Strapless Column Gown

Kay Unger Evening Lucienne Strapless Column Gown

PatBO High-Low Satin Wrap Gown

PatBO High-Low Satin Wrap Gown

AJE Kasbah Sunset Stripe Maxi Skirt

Kasbah Sunset Stripe Maxi Skirt

Tularosa Collette Gown

Tularosa Collete Gown


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