Wedding Guest Wednesday // 8.31.22

Wedding Guest Wednesday // 8.31.22

Welcome to our favorite day of the week: Wedding Guest Wednesday. 2022 is bound to be filled with beautiful weddings & celebrations. While upcoming events are exciting, our team understands the stress that accompanies finding a great dress for each occasion (and, of course, matching jewelry).

Every Wednesday we post our favorite finds of the week - from cocktail dresses to black tie gowns. We hope you can find inspiration from our curated picks.  

Fall's around the corner, but the heat is still on. Take a look at this week's drop for some dress and & gem picks.


 Click each dress or jewelry name below for a link!  


Brown Wild Jungle Organic Cotton Maxi Dress

Pair with our: Diamond Trio Drop Necklace

Brown Wild Jungle Organic Cotton Maxi Dress

henri noel Diamond Trio Drop Necklace


Pair with our: Double Diamond Drop Station Necklace



AKHL Silk Gradient Maxi Dress

Pair with our: Richmond Hoops

AKHL Silk gradient maxi dress with sequin straps

Richmond Hoops 

TORY BURCH Veriegated Stripe Poplin Dress

Pair with our: Hoop and Emerald Drop Earrings

TORY BURCH Veriegated Stripe Poplin Dress

Pair with our: Hoop and Emerald Drop Earrings

Savvy Rosette Green Dress

Pair with our: Trio Drop Earrings


KIKA SIMONSEN Clericot printed linen maxi dress

Pair with our: Adjustable Diamond Bezel Bracelet

KIKA SIMONSEN Clericot printed linen maxi dress


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