An Unforgettable Day: Karady & Ryan’s Winter Proposal In Denver

An Unforgettable Day: Karady & Ryan’s Winter Proposal In Denver

Winter has that special element of romance, which makes it perfect for snuggling and romantic days with the one you love.

I was so excited when Ryan reached out to me to begin the process of curating the perfect ring for his girlfriend of 5 years, Karady. Ryan came to me having a pretty good idea of what he wanted as an engagement ring design, which made it more about diamond education opposed to creating a design from the bottom up. These are some of my favorite projects because it allows me to explain the variations of diamond color and clarity in more depth.

Proposal took place on Martin Luther king weekend. So much happiness in one photo.

So a little backstory on these two before I get into the process of sourcing the ring. Karady and Ryan met when they were both living in Chicago in their mid-twenties, they love the cold and outdoor activities because shortly after they began dating in “The Windy City” they moved to “Colorful Colorado”, another chilly climate. Ryan is incredibly active, thoughtful, loyal, and comical. Ryan describes his soon to be wife as beautiful, active, caring, energetic, and ambitious.

Both have Chic neutral vibes. Karady styled with the 36” diamonds by the inch necklace.

They share a strong love for one another that is quite admirable to friends and family and they continue to become better versions of themselves because of the positive impact they have on each other. 

2.50ct round diamond set on a white gold band to showoff the diamond’s brilliance

One common thread is they are both incredibly active, especially Karady. With this being said, he wanted to get her a ring that withheld notions of sparkle and beauty, while still being able to wear the ring everyday with their vigorous  lifestyles.

Ryan sought out to get Karady the best. A ring she would gasp once he proposed, and something he really thought she’d love and wear for the rest of her life. The ring sourced for this loving couple was a 2.50ct total weight round diamond set a bit higher to showcase the brightness on a white gold clean band. The band is simple yet chic, showing off the brilliance of the diamond.


Photography: Danielle Tolson Photography @danielletolsonphoto
Karady wearing Yellow Gold 36" 1.0carat  Diamonds by the Inch Necklace.
*Please do not hesitate to message for design details on this engagement ring. 
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