The Bridesmaid Pajama Guide

The Bridesmaid Pajama Guide

When it comes to the morning of your wedding, you want your friends looking chic and feeling comfortable. There's more to those getting ready pics than the classic bridesmaid robe. The team at Henri Noël has picked their favorite looks for your big day.

1. The Linen Lounge Suit by Sleeper

sleeper set henri noel weddings


2. The Elissa Pajama from Hipnos & Nicte

bridesmaid pajama elissa

3. The Hydrangea Set from Poppy & Co


henri noel bridesmaid pajamas

4. The Jewel Jammie from Hill House

jewel jammie hill house henri noel


 5. The Pajama Short Set from Target


bridesmaid pajamas target henri noel


6. The Flutter Romper from Leila Rose Studio

bridesmaid pajama henri noel

7. The Monogram Button Down shirt from Etsy

etsy bridesmaid pajamas henri noel

 8. Block Print Robe from Etsy

block print bridesmaid robe


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