HN Couples: Sally and Alex

HN Couples: Sally and Alex

Marines Sally and Alex met during their time on deployment in 2017. Throughout their relationship, they have been stationed separately, all while maintaining their deep love for each other. These two have a tremendous devotion to each other as well as to their country, as they both continue to serve the United States today. 

Both through work and time off, these two have been able to explore the world, undertaking adventures together that have only strengthened their bond. They have had so many trips to various beaches, exotic hikes, niche breweries, and picturesque landscapes. This time together has allowed them to create memories that will last a lifetime!

2.0ct White Gold Diamond Drop Station Necklace with 1.0ct White Gold Climber Earrings

When Sally came into my showroom looking for potential jewelry to wear on her special day, I was so honored, especially after she showed me the dress my jewelry would be accompanying. Sally’s dress was simple and chic with small details that amplified its elegance. This is why we both agreed to let the dress do the talking and use the fine jewelry to compliment her dress and accentuate her own beauty.

Sally, with the help of her stylish and cute Mother-in-law, the 2.0ct total weight Diamond Drop Station Necklace and 1.0ct total weight Climber Earrings. These pieces decorated her entire look, giving her a little added boost of confidence as she walked elegantly down the aisle to meet Alex.

The two pieces she chose were perfect, because she didn’t have to worry about positioning them properly for every photo. If the necklace moved, it only shifted to reveal more brilliant white diamonds, versus a typical pendant that looks a bit funky when off-centered on the chest. The diamonds are set to reveal their high quality and sparkle, especially when reflecting off the sun.

I am so incredibly thrilled for Sally and Alex and cannot wait to hear about their next adventures together as Mr. and Mrs. Smith!

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