Marriage Proposals: His Modest And Intimate Approach Makes It All The More Extravagant

Marriage Proposals: His Modest And Intimate Approach Makes It All The More Extravagant

Private beach picnic accompanied by Champagne, chocolates, and charcuterie

Before I create a ring for the couple, I like to get a sense from the soon to be spouse on what they and their partner are like. This helps me get an idea of potentially what to showcase and/or create for their engagement ring.

In this instance, Ramsey describes himself as laid back and outgoing, while also being creative, and hard-working. He describes his fiancé Christie as beautiful, petite, understatedly chic, quirky, and caring. Ramsey smirks or maybe I should say blushes as he tell me their relationship together is amusing since they always find unique ways to make each other laugh and smile, loving as one is always looking out for the other, and low-key as they both live together in Venice and enjoy dining and walking to spots in the area they know and love.

 Oftentimes, the spouse comes to me with one word, “large” and I know exactly what to do. Other instances, I receive the words, “unique”, “not too flashy”, and again am able to draw some possible options to match the descriptive words given to me. Dealing with a partner or the couple that come to me with descriptive words or even photographs of what they want is also helpful to create the best ring in terms of color, cut, clarity, and carat size.


Christie and Ramsey enjoying a private picnic on the beach after the proposal - she said yes!

Ramsey, owner of Breakform Design, is used to building things from the ground up and looked at the ring design with the same approach. He wanted to create something modern and eye-catching while still maintaining a timeless look, similar to much of the architectural designs he develops.

2.51ct Round flawless diamond cut set low in a 1.77ct diamond eternity band

The ring design is truly an elegant piece while still holding some of that California Cool & Casual essence. The diamond is a 2.51ct round flawless diamond cut beautifully and set low in a diamond eternity band, representing their eternal love together. 

*Please do not hesitate to message for design details on this engagement ring. 
Photography: Jontel Chere Photography @jontelcherephotography.
Beach Setup: Henri Noël Jewelry staff - Message for details. 
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